Who we are:
Committed to a healthy, clean & responsible lifestyle, Beach House Bowls was born on the sunny shores of California. Our delicious, ready-to-eat acai smoothie bowls are made with REAL fruits, have no artificial ingredients and comes with an organic crunchy granola topping. We know you’ll enjoy our affordable & convenient bowls as much as we do!
How we give back:
As much as we love our ready to eat Acai Smoothie Bowls - there is a much larger mission behind our brand!

1+1 Program
- In an effort to reduce our environmental impact and keep the world clean - For every bowl sold - we commit 1 minute to beach + clean up!

Local Community
- In an effort to support our local community, Beach House Bowls’s final assembly is done at a Bay Area Facility that creates jobs for Americans with disabilities.
Please check out our Medium page for updates on our 1+1 program and local community initiatives